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Thai Nikken Foods Co.,Ltd
About Thai Nikken Foods Co.,Ltd. With offices and facilities in Rayong Province, Thai Nikken Foods is able to support Thailand customers & Asia Pacific customers quickly and efficiently. Research & Development – Thai Nikken Foods has a fully staffed applications team that collaborates with R&D at Nikken Foods Japan to develop new, all-natural ingredients and cutting-edge processes. Our in-house food scientists have the exceptional experience and application expertise to: assist customers with prototype development; advise customers from a technical perspective; offer troubleshooting assistance; and help formulate concepts prepared with Nikken ingredients. Customer Service – The Customer Service representatives at Thai Nikken Foods are trained and experienced in delivering prompt, effective assistance. Warehousing & Distribution – Thai Nikken Foods imports its complete Nikken portfolio of all-natural ingredients from Vietnam , China, Local and keeps these ingredients in our convenient, factory warehouse. And, we ship orders direct from our factory to customers in Japan, Thailand and other country quickly and efficiently.
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