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M.I.S. Outsourcing Co., Ltd.
M.I.S. Outsourcing Company Limited was established in 2003 by executives of Modernform Integration Services Company Limited (former Modernform OA Company Limited) in focus of IT solutions provider and services. M.I.S. Outsourcing Company Limited is an affiliated company of Modernform IT Business Group with 80% major shareholder Modernform Integration Services Company Limited and 100% owned by MFEC Public Company Limited. It is our commitment to focus in value created to our customers, we enhanced the services and solution by adopt and adapt the industry framework such as Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). With continue quality and service development, the company can continue to record its consecutive growth rates. We captured the good practices among IT industry to deliver the best solution and professional services efficiently and effectively with total cost optimization. For the details, please visit
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1.  IT Support @ Gateway Chachoengsao Urgent !!!  1 อัตรา
 รับสมัครด่วน !!!  (view 5,395 ครั้ง)  สมัครทันที click ที่นี่ 
  • Male อายุ 22 - 32 ปี
• วุฒิการศึกษา : ป.ตรี
• อัตราเงินเดือน :  ตามโครงสร้างของบริษัท
• ประสบการณ์ :  0 - 1 ปี
• Full time
- Male, age not over 32 / Bachelor degree in Telecommunication Engineering, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering, Information Systems or IT related fields
- 1-2 years’ experience in IT/Engineering Technical support or Customer Service
- Able to understand customer contracts, Service Level Agreement, and Scopes of work.
- Basic knowledge of Computer Hardware, Windows operating system, and MS Office
- Experience with Remote Applications and Tools such as VNC, PC anywhere, Windows Remote Desktop, VPN, Telnet, SSH will be benefit.
- Good Troubleshooting skills.
- Customer Service mind
- Excellent communication skill.
- Able to work under pressure and time constrain.
- Troubleshooting of Internet, Network and PC.
- Support users.
- Provide technical phone support to customers.
- Provide remote support and/or remote maintenance to customers.
- Provide reports to customers upon requests.
- Maintain and/or Update customer information in the Helpdesk System.
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