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Sunplac (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Sunplac (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established as a subsidiary of a Japanese plastic products manufacturer in 2005. The product is a specialty plastic compound for Hygiene application, and is been selling to growing Asian markets. The production capacity was expanded in 2010, and in this 2016 as well. All projects were approved by Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI) The office and factory are located in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate in Chonburi. We are always seeking capable and enthusiastic persons to join the business growth. Currently we are looking for:
ประเภทธุรกิจ : Rubber / Chemical / Plastic / Paint
นิคม :  Amata Nakorn
  700/536 Moo 6 T.Don Hua Roh A.Muangchonburi, Chonburi 20000
  700/549 Moo 6 T.Don Hua Roh A.Muangchonburi, Chonburi 20000
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1.  Assistant Accounting Manager  1 อัตรา
 รับสมัครด่วน !!!  (view 4,288 ครั้ง)  สมัครทันที click ที่นี่ 
  • Male / Female อายุ 35 ปีขึ้นไป
• วุฒิการศึกษา : ป.ตรี
• อัตราเงินเดือน :  ตามโครงสร้างของบริษัท
• ประสบการณ์ :  10 ปีขึ้นไป
• Full time
- Male/Female age 35 years or older
- Bachelor's Degree or higher in Accounting or any Financial related field.
- At least 10 years experience in an accounting and finance function.
- Experience in manufacturing company of foreign capital at management level.
- Tax skill to be preferable.
- CPD registration to be required.
- Flexible, Proactive and have the ability to work under pressure and meet tight timelines.
- Good communication of spoken and written English.
- Computer literacy, especially for Microsoft applications including Word, Excel.
- Familiar with Express software will be preferable.
- Able to work in Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate.
- Salary Expected : To be negotiated
- Examine for company document as BOI-Priviledge and condition, affidavit
- Payroll accounting knowledge for business plus program
- Manage and oversea the daily operations of accounting
- Managing and reviewing the balance sheet reconciliation process to ensure that all reconciliations are complete and accurate
- Managing and coaching accounting staff.
- Implementing process improvements to ensure cost recording accuracy.
- Prepare budget for the year and present actual and budget on meeting monthly.
1. Basic Salary 2. Transportation Allowance 3. Food Allowance 4. Annual Health Check 5. Health Group Insurance 6. Full Time Attendance Allowance 7. Marriage Allowance 8. New Born Baby Allowance 9. Uniform 10. Other Allowance 11. Bonus 12. Company Activities
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