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BASF Group in Thailand
How can you enjoy your life as well as to protect environment and global fairness? How can you keep wellness and sustainability? We know how. Cognis’ intelligent specialty chemicals go into branded products for trend markets such as wellness and green chemistry. Global player. With approx. 6,000 employees in around 62 production and service locations worldwide we are a global player, supporting customers from the idea to the final product. Success story. Now owned by an international investor group, Cognis is an experienced, independent enterprise with annual sales of around € 2.8bn and customers in over 100 countries. Nature is the formula. As a leading manufacturer for specialty chemicals, Cognis relies on the logic of nature: we turn renewable raw materials into high-performance products that are compatible with man and the environment. Who should apply? Anyone who wants to make a difference, with a passion for success, who wishes to contribute ideas to a company undergoing change, a dynamic company with great goals for the future. Think Cognis.
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